Working as an Escape Room Game Master, I’ve seen firsthand how wonderfully successful Escape Rooms are for first dates!  According to the data I've gathered based on the chemistry and overall vibe of a couple upon arrival and in comparison to their departure, I can honestly say that Escape Rooms work 100% of the time. "How?", you may ask? read on!

ICE BREAKER – In an Escape Room, you don’t need to nor have the time to ask the awkward silence-fillers like “Soo, what kind of Shampoo do you use? ” You’re both immediately thrown into an entirely unordinary situation that requires you both to communicate and work together to solve a series of fun puzzles. There’s simply no time for awkward moments.

GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION – Dinner dates are nice and stuff, but if a guy told me that he bought two tickets to an Escape Room for our first date, I’d be well impressed! It shows that he or she is fun, different and wanting to make an effort.

SMOOTH MOVES  – Making the first move is always a little awkward and perhaps stressful if you’re over-analysing the perfect time to subtly touch her hand without it being weird...But when you’re in an escape room, the intimate touches and subtle brush of each others’ shoulders come naturally, especially when you’re handcuffed or locked in a cell together...cute right?

COMFORTABLE – After the date, you’re 100% more likely to feel more comfortable with that person. I mean, you’ve just been through a lot together! Not everyone has escaped from Hannibal with just seconds to spare. You already have personal jokes set up for the rest of your night which will make the rest of the date a lot more enjoyable and easy going.

Every couple that have nervously walked in on their first date, have all walked out with greater chemstry and adorable smiles on their faces. Call us cupid?

So put Netflix away and listen to your Game Master! Book an Escape Room for you next date and let me know how it goes!