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Best special effects!

3 of us completed the Hannibal room today, as very keen escapees this was our 10th or 11th room. We loved the special effects and it has lots of touches that we had not come across before which presented a new challenge for us! The guys there are extremely friendly and made us feel very at ease. We can't wait to come back and try the other rooms!!

– Lucy, June 2017
Absolutely loved it!

My wife and I wanted to do something different to celebrate our anniversary. We had never been to an escape room before and had no idea what to expect. We were met by Aga, who set up the scenario and then locked us in! She was amazing throughout! The whole experience was amazing! The room was so cleverly designed and thought out, with challenges to lead you to the next problem. We managed to escape with about 20 mins left. The whole experience was such a rush. We left absolutely buzzing. We highly recommend that everyone give the Hannibal escape room a go. You will not be disappointed!

– tinyshort, August 2017
A good day out with Cavendish School

For the first time we used the opportunities to bring students from 3 different countries to the escape room and I must say: It was worth it. The students had a really good time trying to figure out how to solve the riddle and the owner was always ready to point us in the right direction. Even with the diffculties of different languages, everybody engaged in the activity and there were a lot of emotion and, most importantly, many reasons too laugh!!

– Ben, February 2017
An amazing escape room, highly recommend!!

We did the Hannibal escape room which was an amazing, clever, well thought out escape room! From the moment we arrived, before we were even in the room, the experience began which was very clever. As well as the room being so good, the staff were lovely! We will definitely be going back to do another room!

– RS3006, July 2018
Ace Ventura Room was so much fun!

Myself and three friends did the Ace Ventura room today. I had read reviews online about this room prior to booking and we were a little worried it may be a bit difficult but we managed to escape with 3ish minutes to spare! (yay!). Although one puzzle did trip us up a little because we weren't quite approaching it right, we were able to figure it out and proceed with a small hint to get us on the right track. This escape room is the fifth one I have played and quite different to the others in the sense that it didn't focus so much on the use of keys and padlock combinations to proceed. I think there may have only been one key in the entire game? The lady who ran the game for us, who was also great fun, described it as being less logical compared to other rooms and more tactile, which I think is a fair assessment. Obviously I don't want to give anything away but I loved that it was different in this way because it provided a refreshingly fun and interesting experience (although we were a little reluctant to pull things in case we broke something haha). The room d├ęcor and items were also really cool and we had so much fun playing. Will definitely be back to play the other games :) Thank you!

– Emmzie86, July 2018