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3 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Employees to an Escape Room

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If you are looking for an exciting and innovative way to take the team building exercises in your company to the next level – this article is for you.

The escape room market is constantly growing, attracting more and more corporate customers. It is a themed game with a primary goal to provide a thrilling and unconventional type of entertainment, immersing the customer in a whole new experience. In the scenario, a team, typically 2-6 people, are locked in the room for about 60 minutes and given a set of puzzles to solve. However, it is not only a fun activity; there are many other benefits, especially for companies.


The game is heavily based on team work; therefore, communication skills are essential to a successful escape. Unless the group learns how to communicate effectively and work well as a team, they will not escape on time. Each puzzle challenges them to make fast decisions and pay attention to small details. As a result, it develops problem-solving skills and encourages thinking outside the box.


It’s not just any game, it’san immersive form ofescapism from real-life and responsibilities! Being locked in the room with no mobile phone and separated from the outside world is an experience in itself. In an addition to that, there is a compelling story, whether it’s horror, a detective investigation, or an adventure. The game takes the participant to another world. As time is running very quickly, an escapee is solely focused on solving puzzles, helping the team to fully relax, let go of stress and come back to work with a new energy.


It depends on the escape room but as a boss/manager, you might be able to observe your team playing on the CCTV monitor. The majority of people forget about the cameras so you can watch their natural behaviour. Seeing your employees outside of the office environment will help you to get to know your team better.

Again, dependent on the escape room but the games master (a person who runs the game) might be able to discuss with you particular stages of the game and offer an objective opinion on how your team is doing. It’s also a great opportunity to bring together employees from different departments or branches.