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5 Types of Escape Room Players

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Have you been to an Escape Room? Were you the Mischievous One or The Know-It-All? There are 5 types of Escape Room players that our Game Masters at The Lockey have identified over countless games!



There are reasons why we introduce each game with safety precautions and rules like “no phones”, “no unscrewing anything” and “no using force!”…and the trouble makers are some of the reasons behind it! No, you cannot Google puzzle answers mid game and no you cannot pick the lock when you don’t know the code. If that sounds like something you would do, you are certainly The Mischievous One in the pack.


You are one of my favourite types of Escape Room players. Your hysterical reaction to every new clue and great discovery can be heard through our Escape Room walls. Behind every “Wow!”, “Woah!”, “Oohs” and “Ahs” there’s a Game Master chuckling behind his or her screen.


You certainly have your triumphant moments of problem-solving, however you are easily distracted by convincing yourself and others that those random sheets of paper in your hand are vital to solving the next puzzle – when in fact that prop couldn’t be any more irrelevant to the case. You also like to respond to every clue and discovery with “Oh, of course!” or “Oh, I knew that!”.


In a large group, you are the good host that tries to get everyone involved in the game and ensures no one is feeling left out. You praise others for their good efforts and you’re a quick thinker and problem solver! You’re a valuable member of the group that your team can rely on!


As Game Masters we like to have a quick chat with our wonderful customers before they begin their game, and it’s during this time that we may notice the quiet ones. You’re shy at first impression, but when you’re in the game you quickly become the most valuable and the wisest. Your good attention to detail and common sense gets you through the game much faster!

Did any of these characters match yours? No? Well, stay tuned for more types of Escape Room players and I’m sure you’ll find your match!