If we could assemble the PERFECT team, we would gather SIX people that each posses one of the following essential characteristics. This is the Suicide Squad of Escape Rooms!


With a team like this, you WILL make it out alive and way ahead of time!


  1. The Commander

You are the coach with the game plan; you manage your players and time efficiently by assigning everyone a task. You keep your cool even with seconds left on the clock, and you command respect. You are a valuable member of the squad!

  1. The Over Thinker

The over thinker is a blessing and a curse. They tend to overcomplicate puzzles, which may waste time, however their thought process and lead up to their wacky ideas could be the key to your escape!

  1. The Under Thinker

At peak intensity, everyone is wracking his or her brain on the current puzzle and possibly over analyzing it when the answer is right in front of you! This is where the under thinker steps in to say it as it is. Do not underestimate the under thinker!

  1. The Joker

Even though the joker will not take the game as seriously as the other players, he is still essential to the team! Within those 60 minutes of intense concentration, he or she brings light and laughter to the game.

  1. The Explorer

The explorer jumps straight into action, searching in every possible nook and cranny for anything that may be of use. Their gatherings are laid out for other team members’ to skillfully link to the puzzle.

  1. The Tidy Upper

With every explorer there aught to be a tidy upper! This doesn’t only benefit Escape Room employees but it can help the team focus on the puzzle at hand with less clutter around them!


This article was inspired by Escape Reality’s blog on “How to Construct The Perfect Escape Team”