Just about to start your first escape room and not sure what to expect? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Here are some tips and observations from an escape room Games Master, including the most common mistakes made by new escapists.


1. Decide on a leader

The least successful teams we see aren’t unintelligent people. They just haven’t glued as a team yet. Avoid quibbling and have someone who can designate tasks and co-ordinate your group effectively.


2. Split up and look for clues

A big mistake new groups make is all huddling together over one puzzle. Not only will this make the puzzle harder to solve, with too many fingers in the pie, but you could be missing other important clues in the room. Splitting up will allow you to cover more ground and save time!


3. Communicate with the team

The escape games rely on a great communication. If you work individually or in smaller groups make sure others know what you up to, and let them know about any objects that might be significant. Talk, but also listen, your friends may found solution to your problem.


4. If at first you don’t succeed….maybe try something else

They say the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If you have been applying the same strategy to solve the puzzle over and over to no avail then it is time to try something else. Process of elimination can often work in your favour!


5. Expect the unexpected

Some rooms will lead you from puzzle to puzzle in a methodical way. In others, the next puzzle/ clue will need thinking outside of the box. You may be required to search the room, behind picture frames, in bookshelves and under rugs (Always being respectful and careful of the rooms décor/props and applying common sense). Or you may need to use other senses, listening for audio clues, feeling items in the room (Or even smelling!).

Listen carefully to your games master during the briefing. There may be elements of the story that will prove useful and take note of details and hints from earlier stages of the game that might pay off later. But with that in mind….


6. Don’t over think it

Ultimately the biggest mistake that new and old players alike will make is over thinking. Like any riddle, the answer is usually right in front of you. Apply the simplest logic first and build up from there!


7. Dress comfortably

Although is a logic game you might be required to do some physical activities. Very often you will need to look for clues on the floor, crawl or jump, so make sure you are prepared. The simple jeans, T-shirt and flat shoes will do just fine.


8. Have FUN

The last but not least is to simply have fun. Don’t worry about the number of clues you are going to use or if you escape or not. The only thing that really matters is that you have a great time with your family or friends.


Good luck and happy escaping!