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Live and Online – Case 47 – The Mole

Escape Room Details

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MI6 Agent

Agent Anderson has been arrested and handcuffed in the Oxford Street offices of MI6, and is awaiting the arrival of detectives from Scotland Yard to be taken to prison. It happened while investigating Case 47 to determine the identity of the mole within MI6.

You need to hack the security cameras and help Anderson to follow the clues left by missing colleague Bob Thornton, who had discovered the moles identity before disappearing.

You and your team will see and hear Agent Anderson in the London offices. Work with Anderson to follow the clues and send the identity of the mole to the right people. Informing the wrong person could be disastrous.

Fantastic challenges, great fun, and team building experience for all, online, using Zoom and our own web based interface. All you need is an online connected device with a microphone, (ideally a PC or large tablet, but a phone will work) and some colleagues to enjoy the experience with.

Agent Anderson and Thornton’s destiny is in your hands.

  • Difficulty: Semi-challenging
  • The game is suitable for adults and children over 12 years old accompanied by an adult.
  • Duration approximately 1 hour.
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